Handling Unsupported File Types in Spark!


Approval Manager, by default, supports the proofing and review of many file types including PNG, JPEG, PDF, GIF, and many more right inside Spark!. But, there are a few files such as video and audio files that cannot be directly viewed in Spark!. Approval Manager allows you to open any unsupported file type directly in Spark!. Spark! then allows you to download and review the file through a native application on your computer and, when finished reviewing, proof the file directly in Spark!.

Handling an Unsupported File Type in Spark!

1. Open the unsupported file with Spark!

You will get a message saying that the file is unsupported by Spark! and that you need to open it in a native program.

2. To open this file, choose Download from the top menu bar in Spark!.

3. A window will pop-up asking you what program you want to open the file with. Choose a program that supports the file type and click OK.

4. Using the chosen native program, you can review the file. After you are done reviewing the file, you can use Spark! to choose which review status to apply to the file (approve, approve w/changes, or reject).

Commenting on an Unsupported File Type

Commenting on an unsupported file type works in much the same way as commenting on any other file type. To make a comment on an unsupported file type:

1. Select Comment from the top toolbar under the version tabs.

2. In the comment box that appears, type the subject and text in the corresponding boxes.

3. When finished, click on the Post Comment button to post the comment.

You can also edit, delete, reply to or attach a file to the comment using the for links at the bottom of the comment box.


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