Annotation Color Picker in Spark!


Approval Manager 2012 now allows you to change the color of your annotations in Spark!. This can help make sure annotations are visible on any background color or allow you to create a simple color-code. For example, you can make your comments appear only in blue and make another reviewer's comments appear in yellow. This will help you distinguish between multiple comments by applying a color code to them.

1. Create a new annotation or double-click an existing one in Spark!.

2. In the pop-up comment box that appears, click on the arrow next to Line Color to choose a color.

3. From the color menu that appears, you can specify a color choice

To select a color use any of the following methods:

Color Field Spectrum Slider RGB Value Hexadecimal Value Color Palette

Move the circle inside this square to change the saturation level of the color.

Use the slider to choose a color hue.

Choose a specific RGB color value.

Choose a specific hexadecimal color value.

Choose a color from several predefined swatches.

4. When you're finished choosing your color, select Done and your annotation color will be changed.


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