Creating a Review

So you have a document you want to circulate for a review and you're curious how to use Approval Manager to do this. Well, you've come to the right place!

Circulating a document for review is easy.You'll need to log in to Approval Manager (if you aren't already). Once logged in, click on New Proof located in the upper-right corner under the Proofs tab.

If you don't see a new proof link, it means you don't have the proper permissions in the system to create and circulate documents for review. Contact your system administrator and tell her/him that you'd like to circulate a document for review.

The New Proof page will open. This is where you define and start the document review process.

For additional information on creating a new proofing process, read Creating New Approval Processes.
For additional information on managing your proofs, read the Guide for Proof Managers.


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