New Active Proofs Page Layout


In Approval Manager 2012, the layout and design of the Active Proofs page has been changed to accommodate the new group proof option (read more here: Creating a Group Proof ) as well as make reviewing and navigating through all proof items much easier. The Active Proofs page include a dashboard that displays three worklists for viewing proofs: Manage, Production and Review.

Note: these worklists will only appear if you're assigned to the corresponding roll and if there are proofs present within the corresponding workflow stage. For example, the production worklist will only appear if their are proofs in the production workflow stage and you are assigned to managing the production stage.

Depending on what worklist you are on, the proof layouts will vary in the following two ways:

Review and Production Worklist Layout

Since the Review and Production worklists focus on reviewing and routing individual files and groups, each line or section shows a separate file or a group along with their specific details. Each section does not represent a proof as a whole.

Review Worklist

Production Worklist

Manage Worklist Layout

The main focus of the Manage worklist, in contrast to the Review and Production worklists, is whole proofs. Each line or section of on the Manage worklist represents an entire proof rather than individual files or groups. This is because managers focus on routing and managing proofs as a whole rather than individual files or groups.

New Features

1. The new layout accommodates the new group feature. A slider as been added so users can easily navigate through and view all the proofs within a group proof. Click the arrows on either side of the thumbnails or click and drag from right to left to move the slider.

2. Alerts have been redesigned to be more apparent to a user. With the new alert design, users can quickly see Manager's Notes and any other relevant information tied to each proof.

3. Proof statuses and available actions are made more apparent on the right side. Statuses are now color-coded and you can easily change the status of the proof by clicking on Change Status underneath the status.


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