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Group proofs allow you to route and review a group of files all at once. A group proof would most likely be created if the files in the group are related in some way and there approval status depends on and affects one another. An individual files proof, on the other hand, would be created if the files are connected to the same project but need to be reviewed and approved separately throughout the workflow. On the Review worklist, the files within a group are represented by individual thumbnails within a slider menu that can be navigated by either clicking on the arrows or dragging the thumbnails from right to left. This makes it easier to view each file within a group proof. Clicking the Review button will open all the files within the group in Spark! for review.

Group View in Spark!

When you open a group proof in Spark!, each file will be represented by a thumbnail and organized into a tiled layout with a reviewer pane located to the right of the window. This is a great area to manage all your files and see the reviewers and comments tied to the group proof.

Group View Page Features

The Group View page can be broken up into five key features that present added information to your group proof:

Zoom-in/Zoom-out Tool

The zoom-in/zoom-out tool can be used to adjust the number of columns for the tile layout as well as the size of the thumbnails. It is located at the bottom-center of the window.

Detail Window

When you hover your mouse over the thumbnail of the proof a window that details the proof status, its reviewers, the version number, and the number of pages of a proof appears. This window offers in-depth information for each individual proof.

Current Reviewers Window

The Current Reviewer window displays the current reviewers assigned to the group proof along with how many proofs they have reviewed and each reviewer's overall review status. The review status is indicated by the color of the circle next to he reviewer's name. In this case, Ryan Young has set the review status of this group proof to Approved, so there is a green dot next to his name. All review statuses are updated in real-time. So, if Ryan Young changes his review status to Rejected, a red circle will appear by his name without having to reload the page. This provides you with instant review process information.

Real-time Comments

When you review a proof and add a comment to that proof, it will show up on the Group View page as a speech balloon attached to it's corresponding proof. The number within the speech bubbles indicates the number of comments.

Smart Review Suggestions

When you review a proof and label it as either Approve, Approve w/Changes or Reject, the label will also appear on the Group View page attached to it's corresponding proof thumbnail. Spark! will also suggest an overall review status to the group proof by highlighting one of the three labels located in the upper-right corner of the Group View page. The following steps outlines this feature:

1. Select a proof to review by clicking on its thumbnail. This will open up the Spark! Review page.

2. Assign the desired review status to the proof by clicking on either either Approved, Approved w/Changes or Reject buttons in the upper-right corner of the window.

Once you select the review status, you will be automatically taken back to the Group View page.

Note: You can also get back to the Group View page from the Review page by clicking on the Group button located in the upper-left corner of the Review page.

From the Group View page you can now see the review status on top of its corresponding thumbnail.

You can also see previous review statuses of each file (if any) and the overall review progress of the file indicated by the progress bar below each thumbnail.

You will also notice that one of the three review statuses located in the upper-right corner of the window is larger than the other two. In this case the Approved label is the larger of the three. This indicates what Spark! suggests as the most likely review status to assign to the whole group proof. In this case the only reviewed file is labeled as Approved so Spark! assumes the whole group will be approved. This will change as more files are reviewed.


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