Notification Email Layout and Features


The notification email has been updated with new features and a new layout style for Approval Manager 2012. The main goal of this update was to better guide the user in understanding and finding each item in the email notification. The new email is designed to be more of a starting point for the user to access various locations in Approval Manager 2012. The email now includes more call-to-action links that take you directly into Approval Manager or Spark!. The email also includes a better design for displaying important and overdue items.

Changes and Features

1. Items that need your attention are still highlighted in yellow, but the alert message will now appear below the proof rather than at the bottom of the email.

2. If the proof is overdue, the review status and due date will be highlighted in red.

3. Thumbnails are now displayed next to the file name of each proof. In a group proof, thumbnails of the first three files are displayed.

4. The notification email also has a number of links that allow you to quickly jump into certain areas of your workflow in Approval Manager. For example, if you want to go to a proof's Proof Workflow Page, you can click on the name of the proof (in this case you would click on Labels).

Note: If the thumbnails are not displaying, your email client may be blocking them. To display images, refer to your email client documentation.

These changes have also been made to all emails including the Production and Manager emails.


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