Proof Workflow Page Changes

Approval Manager 2012 has a few new features that pertain to how you make changes directly from the Proof Workflow Page. Now it is easier to add a new version of a file, change due dates, and rename a file. This makes it even easier to control your workflow all from one central location.

Upload a New Version of a File Directly from the Proof Workflow Page

1. Select the New Version link under the Workflow Information section of the Proof Workflow Page.

2. In the file browser window, select the newest version of the file. Click Open when finished.

3. In the popup window next the the New Version link, select Save and your new version will replace the old version.

The proof must be in the production stage to upload a new version of a file. This prevents files from being changed while they are being reviewed.

Change a Due Date

1. Click on the due date link on the stage you want to change the due date of. It should read either Due: 11/2/2011 OR No Due Date depending on if a due date is set or not.

2. On the form that pops up, you can manually change the date in the Due Date text box or select the calendar icon to the right of the Due Date text box and select a date in the popup calendar.

3. When finished, select Save and the date will be changed.

Rename a File

1. Click on the name of the file you want to change under the Workflow Information section.

2. In the popup box, delete the current file name and type in the new file name.

3. Click Save and your file name will be changed.


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