So an account was created for you...

So you got an email invitation in your inbox and you're wondering what it is and what to do? Rest assured, it's legit. Someone, either an administrator or a review manager, has created an account for you in Approval Manager and wants you to join.

Follow the link in the email to log in, set your own password, and get started using Approval Manager.

Once you log in, take a moment to explore the following:

  • Check your Review, Manage, and/or Production dashboard worklists to see if you have any work assigned to you.
  • Create your own review workflow to get feedback and approval on your documents. This option will not be available if you don't have permission to manage proofs.
  • Set your current locale, email reminder time, email format, and personal options in your Preferences page.

Once you are done exploring, check your email and dashboard again to see if anyone has assigned you responsibilities on a proof. You'll want to keep your eyes on these to make sure you can respond quickly when it's your time to participate in a review.


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