Spark! Comment Replies and Attachments


Two new features have been added to the pop-up comment box in Approval Manager 2012. These include comment replies and comment attachments.

Comment Replies

A reply to a comment can be made by selecting Reply under the text-area on the pop-up comment. You can delete your comment by selecting Delete under the text-area.

New comments will appear in real-time as they are made in Spark!. This means that if someone makes a comment while you are in Spark!, you will immediately see it without having to reload Spark! or refresh the page.

Comment Attachments

Files can now be attached to a comment to make it easy to reference and exchange files.

1. To attach a file, select Attach File(s) under the comment text-area. An Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac) will pop-up.

2. Navigate to and select the file you want to attach to the comment.

3. Once uploaded, the file will appear below the comment. Users can now click on the file icon to download the file. The file can be deleted by clicking the red X that appears when you hover over the file icon.

Note: Multiple files can be attached to a comment.


proofing proofing Delete
markup markup Delete
digital_proofing digital_proofing Delete
comment comment Delete
comments comments Delete
file_attach file_attach Delete
online_proofing online_proofing Delete
approval_manager_2012 approval_manager_2012 Delete
soft_proofing soft_proofing Delete
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