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Customer Page (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Customers page consists of a list of recently added and changed customers, a My Customers list containing any customers that have been marked for inclusion in the My Items page, and any customerrelated finds that have been saved. Page Elements Customer ...
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Customer Search (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
You can search for and display any customer in the database by using the Find Customers page. To open the Find Customers page, click on the Find Customers link in the upperright corner of the Customers page. Contents Page Elements Customer Search#Page Elements ...
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Using Standard Searches (Package 166 Common Content)
Standard searches provide a greater degree of control over constructing the search, plus allow users to save their searches for later reuse. Standard searches can be constructed to find the following types of records stored in the database: {}Note: Depending on the installed applications ...
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Working with Search Results (Package 166 Common Content)
Once either a quick search or a standard search has been conducted, there are several things you can do from the search results page. Sorting Search Results Saving Searches for Reuse Opening Saved Searches Clearing Search Results ...
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