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Approval Manager with Hard-Copy Proofs (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Approval Manager can also be used to manage the approval process for hard\copy proofs. When used in this way, two general approaches are supported: Hard\Copy Proofs with Reference Soft Proofs Hard\Copy Proofs without Reference Soft ...
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Approval Manager with Soft Proofs (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Approval Manager is designed to manage the review and approval cycle for both soft proofs and digital or other hard copy proofs. When used in a soft\proofing cycle, files are uploaded to an Approval Manager Approval Process. Users assigned to review ...
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Creating a Group Proof (Approval Manager 2012)
Introduction In Approval Manager 2012, two proof types are now available: individual and group. The individual proof is used when you want to review files one at a time (the default proof type for past editions of Approval Manager). Group proofs ...
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Creating a Review (Approval Manager 2012)
So you have a document you want to circulate for a review and you're curious how to use Approval Manager to do this. Well, you've come to the right place\! Circulating a document for review is easy.You'll need to log in to Approval Manager (if you ...
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New Active Proofs Page Layout (Approval Manager 2012)
Introduction In Approval Manager 2012, the layout and design of the Active Proofs page has been changed to accommodate the new group proof option (read more here: Creating a Group Proof Creating a Group Proof) as well as make reviewing and navigating ...
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New Group View Layout (Approval Manager 2012)

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Spark! Comment Replies and Attachments (Approval Manager 2012)
Introduction Two new features have been added to the popup comment box in Approval Manager 2012. These include comment replies and comment attachments. Comment Replies A reply to a comment can be made by selecting Reply under the textarea on the popup comment ...
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Spark! Pen Tool (Approval Manager 2012)
Introduction A pen tool was added to the Approval Manager 2012 to provide users a freeform way to mark up documents. It is similar to pen tools found in most word document, PDF or drawing programs. The pen tool can be used by selecting the pen ...
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