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Annotating in Spark! (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Introduction Annotation tools are essential to any proofing tool. They make it easy to markup any digital file and share those markups with other users to review. Spark\! includes a number of annotation tools that allow you to annotate a file in a variety of ways ...
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Approval Manager with Hard-Copy Proofs (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Approval Manager can also be used to manage the approval process for hard\copy proofs. When used in this way, two general approaches are supported: Hard\Copy Proofs with Reference Soft Proofs Hard\Copy Proofs without Reference Soft ...
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Approval Manager with Soft Proofs (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Approval Manager is designed to manage the review and approval cycle for both soft proofs and digital or other hard copy proofs. When used in a soft\proofing cycle, files are uploaded to an Approval Manager Approval Process. Users assigned to review ...
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Changing Due Dates from the Proof Workflow Page (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)

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Commenting in Spark! (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Introduction Spark\! makes it very easy for you to add a comment to an annotation. Whenever you make an annotation, a comment will appear which allows you to type a comment, attach files, reply to a comment, choose an annotation color ...
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Creating New Approval Processes (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Introduction Approval Manager provides structure and efficiency to approval processes for soft and hard copy proofs. The following guide explains the process for creating new Approval Processes for each. Create a New Approval Process for Soft Proofs Creating a New Approval ...
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Guide for Proof Managers (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
proof manager is someone responsible for overseeing the process of proof review and approval using Approval Manager. Proof managers frequently set up approval workflows, assign reviewers to various review stages, make routing decisions as needed, and generally keep ...
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Guide for Proof Producers (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Who is a Producer? Someone responsible for uploading a file to the production stage of Approval Manager. In the case of proofing workflows for hardcopy/physical proofs, Producers may be responsible for producing and sending proofs to the reviewers. In some environments, this may be a dedicated role, in other environments ...
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Guide for Proof Reviewers (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Who is a reviewer? Someone who has been asked to evaluate a proof as part of a structured Approval Manager workflow. Reviewers may be designers, managers, customers, or any other stakeholder in any type of project that produces something that needs to be reviewed by others ...
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Handling a Proof File in Spark! (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Introduction Spark\! makes it easy to handle and manage a proof in Spark\! whether you want to download a file or change the viewpoint. Below are a few features that will help you control your proof files. Rotating a Proof Zooming In/Out on a Proof Downloading ...
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