Spark! Pen Tool


A pen tool was added to the Approval Manager 2012 to provide users a free-form way to mark up documents. It is similar to pen tools found in most word document, PDF or drawing programs. The pen tool can be used by selecting the pen icon located on the upper left-hand corner of the Spark! toolbar.

To draw using the pen tool, left click while dragging your mouse. Once you have the desired line, release the mouse. A comment pop-up will appear allowing you to attach a comment to your new pen line. From here you can also change the color of your pen line or attach a file to it by selecting one of the options under the comment text-area. Click on of the links below for more information.

You can also delete you pen tool by selecting Delete under the comment text-area.


soft_proofing soft_proofing Delete
online_proofing online_proofing Delete
markup markup Delete
digital_proofing digital_proofing Delete
approval_manager_2012 approval_manager_2012 Delete
pen_tool pen_tool Delete
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