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Annotating in Spark! (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Introduction Annotation tools are essential to any proofing tool. They make it easy to markup any digital file and share those markups with other users to review. Spark\! includes a number of annotation tools that allow you to annotate a file in a variety of ways ...
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Commenting in Spark! (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Introduction Spark\! makes it very easy for you to add a comment to an annotation. Whenever you make an annotation, a comment will appear which allows you to type a comment, attach files, reply to a comment, choose an annotation color ...
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Spark! Comment Replies and Attachments (Approval Manager 2012)
Introduction Two new features have been added to the popup comment box in Approval Manager 2012. These include comment replies and comment attachments. Comment Replies A reply to a comment can be made by selecting Reply under the textarea on the popup comment ...
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Viewing Comments with Spark! (Package 166 Common Content)
two ways to view comments in spark. Both are explained below. 1. Click the Comments tab in the right sidebar. Comments and their text will be listed. (see image right) Clicking on a comment will highlight the corresponding icon (arrow, box, comment bubble) in the image ...
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