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Handling Unsupported File Types in Spark! (Approval Manager 2012)

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New Group View Layout (Approval Manager 2012)

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Soft-Proofing Tools (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
Approval Manager is designed to streamline the reviewing process by providing easy access to the files under review. The following proofers are directly supported by Approval Manager. Spark\! Spark\! is the optional webbased proofing tool available exclusively for Approval Manager. Because Spark ...
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The Spark! Reviewer's Handbook (Approval Manager 2012 User Guide)
approvalmanagersparkbrowserbasedproofer 2.png alt=Spark,align=right! Spark\!™ is the browserbased document reviewer built in to Approval Manager. With Spark\!, reviewers comment, annotate, and approve their documents without having to install or learn third party software. This section of the guide is intended for any ...
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Viewing Comments with Spark! (Package 166 Common Content)
two ways to view comments in spark. Both are explained below. 1. Click the Comments tab in the right sidebar. Comments and their text will be listed. (see image right) Clicking on a comment will highlight the corresponding icon (arrow, box, comment bubble) in the image ...
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